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Bamboo frequently asked Questions

- Where did you get the bamboo? The bamboo is harvested locally on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

- Did you treat bamboo? We pressure treat poles with disodium octoborate at a facility with large treatment tanks.

- Where did you get the fittings? Where can I buy them? Leimana Pelton invented the fittings as a user-friendly engineerable joinery system. They are called Bamboo Links™. Since they are in the final stages of practical testing, they are not yet available for purchase. Please revisit our site as we update you.

- How did you figure this out? Reverse engineering from an artistic perspective based on natural designs and sacred geometry.

- How did you do this? It took over 15 years of research, teamwork with the greatest minds in bamboo and architecture from around the world, a little trial and error and being exactly where we needed to be at the right time. Read more here.

- What are you influences? Inspirations? Mother Nature has been our greatest teacher and muse. "I follow her [mother nature's] lead as best I can," (Leimana Pelton).

- How do you build a structure with using bamboo? Bamboo Links™ is the simplest way to build using bamboo. And there are many very labor intensive techniques, mostly traditional and one outstanding contemporary system by Simón Vélez.

- Will the Bamboo Links™ work with tree poles? Yes. Any round timber can take advantage of our system.

- Why Bamboo? Bamboo is lighter and as strong as Oak. Plus, it grows and matures soooooo much faster. There are more advantages you can read about here.

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Advanced CGI of Wave Pavilion after months of design development.

upper roof

Upper roof of Wave Pavilion under construction.


County of Hawaii portable recycling shelter "HI5" design. 2 month production time, 3 days installation. 7 "HI5" ordered and installed.