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Bamboo Wave Pavilion - The art of Bamboo Constructions

Natural geometry rarely has lines that intersect at 90 degrees, so why build that way to achieve the best results? I know the rationale; but when I work with the natural configuration of bamboo poles I want to work with the way they naturally develop their strength growing and blowing in the wind. The tops supporting most of the foliage blow into arches that cause the poles to reinforce the wonderful bending capacity that I incorporate into the natural engineering concepts that also produce graceful flowing lines and frame configurations that allow for flexible movement under severe wind conditions. This was the main theme I was able to develop starting with the ridge line and working down.


Bamboo Wave Pavilion construction specifics

The function of the Wave pavilion for 3-4 months of the year is drying coffee at moderate temperatures with a positive airflow even when there is no wind. The clear polycarbonate roof provides powerful radiant heat while deflecting much of the ultraviolet spectrum. The raised upper roof with clearstory openings on both the north and south sides spread vertically toward the mountain (mauka) providing an airflow path for the rising heat in prevailing onshore thermal winds from late morning to evening. So the horizontal line of the ridge beam, downwards, including all horizontal members until the lower beam follow an ocean swell rise and fall asymmetric flow which increases mauka. As the reflecting light hits the roof surfaces, the entire form looks like a 2,400 square foot winged creature just hovering atop the 25' by 45' second story deck, ready to launch into the air.

The plan for the future of the Wave includes providing a venue for practical workshops and cultural performances during day and night times. For the day time events manual rolling shade screens will arc through the interior truss configuration. This will dim the intense radiant heat providing shade while the cooling breeze flows easily through the open ends and sides. The post and beam configuration provides the diagonal stability while appearing as four geometric centurions on each side in protective gesture.


Bamboo Wave Pavilion froont view Hawaii

Front view - Wave Pavilion

Wave Pavi

South view - Wave Pavilion


Wave Pavilion Kona Hawaii blessing


Wave Pavilion Kona Hawaii celebration at night